Professional Services

With over a decade of experience in leveraging technology to enable digital trust, our consultancy team has extensive knowledge and capability to strategize and guide your organization to transform “digitally connected enterprises” into “digitally connected and trusted enterprises”. We will be able to help you resolve your Digital Trust specific worries:

How to enable trust in Digital Identities accessing our Digital Assets?

How to enable trust in our Digital Documents and Email Communications?

How to enable trust in our Digital Assets by protecting it from Unauthorized Access?

How to enable a right balance between User Convenience and secured access to our Digital Asset?

How to enable trust in digital transactional performed within digitally connected online systems and environment?

SHow to enable a trusted framework facilitating us in achieving compliance to Regulations and Laws?

Our approach towards enhancing Digital trust within your IT infrastructure goes beyond technology to understand your business and IT processes, challenges and then assist you in establishing an automated and scalable IT Security, Governance and Compliance infrastructure to mitigate your Digital Trust specific risks, securing your IT resources, addressing legal/ regulatory concerns and improve efficiency.

Our well-planned and structured phased implementation approach facilitates quick successes (rather than waiting for many months), creating a more security-rich & efficient organization with each progressive step and gains self-belief to proceed in realizing true value from the investment. Phased implementation has less risk than the big-bang approach because problems can be isolated and complexity is reduced.

The following are the professional services we offer as part of our customer engagements, towards ensuring greater customer successes across various customer segments:

Enabling Digital Trust – strategy and programme development, implementation, and monitoring services

  • Conduct project kick-off meeting and co-develop engagement protocols and success criteria
  • Understand the current state capabilities and validate business requirements
  • Review existing documentation and conduct targeted interviews to map current state, automation initiatives (existing initiatives, Security tools and enablers, Processes, Applications and Platforms) and relevant risk management processes against the Digital Trust reference and maturity framework with identifying Common Issues and Pain Points
  • Designing and Developing “Enabling Digital Trust” programme
  • Designing execution model monitoring “Enabling Digital Trust” programme
  • Implementing and monitoring the effectiveness of “Enabling Digital Trust” programme

Products and solutions implementation services

  • Design, customization, integration, implementation and rollout services of suite of products – eID services platform, Identity Governance and Administration, Web SSO, Enterprise SSO, Access Manager, Multi-model biometrics enrollment, identification and verification solution; and Security Information and Even Management (SIEM).

Post-Implementation Support Phase

  • Regular Auditing and Monitoring of “Enabling Digital Trust” Programme
  • “Enabling Digital Trust” – products & solutions administration and management service