Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager

Compliance Management platform collects, normalizes, secures, analyses and correlates event logs that are generated by multiple disparate systems and applications across enterprise IT infrastructure and helps organizations to identify, mitigate and manage security incidents. Correlation engine services is the core component of Compliance Manager, which analyses the events collected against a host of Rules, signatures and policies to identify and validate threats and anomalies. Report Framework queries and analyses the log and incident database for anomalies detected and maps them against control requirements for various compliances and provides a comprehensive report of violations which can be generated on-demand of scheduled.

Product Features

Agent-based and Agent-less log collection from heterogeneous devices

Scalable Federated Log Aggregation Cluster

Event normalization and Enrichment

Secured Log Storage

Simplified Event log analysis and search capabilities

Advanced Threat detection and event correlation engine with Context-awareness baseline Anomaly detection with validation capabilities

Automated asset and vulnerability management

Comprehensive Incident Management System

Inbuilt Security Knowledge-base

Central Security Command Centre

Subscription based content delivery system

Product Benefits

Improves organization's Threat Detection capabilities- Compliance Manager Platform which automates the collection, normalization and analysis of massive amounts of security data from technical and organizational silos

Improves real-time analysis of very large volumes, variety and velocity of disparate events generated from heterogeneous devices and helps in accelerating Threat identification with faster actionable information in few minutes instead of hours and days

Threat identification with faster actionable information in few minutes instead of hours and days

Unified and complete visibility of security posture of IT resources deployed across organization

Reduce manual effort and cost of security intelligence operations required for audit and compliance activities, with automation of collection, correlation and reporting capabilities

Improves incident response through accurate and faster detection of security threats using Contextual Intelligence and Proactive analysis using Out-of-box Security Intelligence gathered with machine learning capabilities and Inbuilt Security Knowledge-base

Assures security of information stored within Compliance Management Platform with granular access controls to system & log data, encryption of data (in storage & transmission)

Highly scalable architecture capable of handling events and logs from ever-growing complex IT infrastructures with Federated Log Aggregation Cluster

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