Our Products

Enabling Digital Trust


Identity Governance and Administration

For enterprises across industries who want to consolidate and synchronize identities in order to achieve business efficiency and compliance, Identity Manager provides improved security, complied regulations and automated identity life cycle management, Unlike traditional IDM tools it has comprehensive IDM features with governance capabilities.

Access Governance

For organization with heterogeneous applications infrastructure who want to improve the physical and logical security by adopting role based access control and enabling multifactor authentication, Access Governance provides centralized policy based authentication and authorization to protect unauthorized access to critical resources. Unlike other access manager, I.Am brings the convergence of physical and logical access control with policy enforcement capabilities.


E-ID Services Platform

For government and business who are in need of “creating trust” in their digital enterprise, through integrating eID services for Digital Signing, Secure Access, Confidentiality, Authenticity and Business Process Automation

I.am smart eID services platform offers the most innovative and unique experience of creating the right digital trust platform offering a host of e-ID services that can be integrated with digital assets of an enterprise with out changing the present system and applications.

SSO Manager

For organizations who want to replace multiple credentials with highly secured single authentication for accessing Enterprise application, SSO Manager is based on highly scalable single sign on (SSO) appliance which support multiple enterprise web application and helps organizations reduce administrative cost, increase productivity, perform audits and improve user experience. Unlike others, it has built in web application firewall, plug and play deployment model, adaptive authentication and centrally manage console.


Compliance Manager

For organizations who want to meet regulation, manage security incidents and keep a track of digital transactions, Compliance Manager provides an Identity enabled security intelligence and compliance management platform. It helps organization to comply with regulation, alert risk and use collected data for intelligence. Unlike others, it provides predictive intelligence.