About Magnaquest

Ever since its inception in 1997, Magnaquest had always been a ‘trend-setting’ and ‘innovation-driven’ organization in creating ‘compelling value-propositions’ to their customer in the chosen segments and markets. Through continuous learning and adaption of the same towards sustainable growth, Magnaquest transformed itself from a ‘typical services’ company to today’s “multi-product, multi-platform, multi-solutions” organization, predominantly serving enterprise customers, both in private and public sectors.

Over the years Magnaquest mastered the art of quickly identifying “high-potential”, “high-growth”, “majorly blue-ocean” markets and opportunities, quickly develop “Big Enough Market Insight (BEMI)”, productize the value-proposition to their target customers, and build a profitable and sustainable business model.

Magnaquest attained these organizational strengths through relentless focus on market-centric innovations and learning, which is visible in their journey of evolution.

Our Enterprise Solution and Services Offerings



eID Services Platform - A true, generic eID middleware that provides unified interface for smartcard, PKI & biometric technologies on multiple platforms with a reverse integrations approach to Enterprise Applications

SSO Manager - Eliminates the need for multiple logins with more secure and efficient

Identity Governance and Administration - Integrates identity silos to enable centralized governance of identify lifecycle, improving security, efficiency & compliance.

Access Governance - Enables centralized access governance in compliance with organizational policies, user roles and access rules.

Compliance Manager - Monitor the pulse of your IT Assets, detect compliance violation and generate real-time for faster response

BioID Services Platform - An integrated end-to-end Multi-Biometric platform

Professional Services on Digital Trust – Strategy and Programme development